No Graduate Gap Regret

I realized that I should’ve travelled before I got into work. Though I know I was thirsty to make myself such an accomplished person. There are things that aren’t just healthy. I didn’t even treat myself to go to the beach alone. Us family were also too busy. The family is always busy. We always had our own agendas in life making the house our only rest.

Dad bought me Levi’s and he bought me H&M shoes. (I feel so luckyyyy.)

I don’t think working as soon as possible will be better for any other graduates like me. I am a Graduate Architect and it seems toxic not to give it a rest.

I studied architecture for 5 years and did it! The only thing that I was rushing was to get my logbook finished. But as soon as you realize that things will get be too hectic. Even having a time for yourself isn’t even in the option anymore. You’ll feel like a robot through time.

Just give it a rest. Go to Boracay! Batanes! Even in Liverpool or Paris. I don’t care. Give yourself a treat. Besides, you got your diploma already. You’ll be able to face the world when the time comes.



I haven’t blog about my thesis and graduation but I’ll try to find time for it soon. I have something to share though now because after graduating, I realized that making a statement out of things in my room were not really useful. My sister is trying to learn about Minimalism. And so there it began, us investing things in different kinds of things.


Buy clothes that you’ll probably wear all the time and not those are just because they are fancy now and trendy. After a few months, there will be another type of trendy clothing and you won’t even be able to resell it that easily because that’s not what people are talking about anymore. There came a time where I cleaned my closet and realized that I was only wearing 1/4 of the clothes I have.

Two days ago, I went shopping with timeless designs where I can wear clothes in different kinds of occasion and even good for casual days.

Clothes that are casually elegant outside where even though you’re going out somewhere, its accepted on both events where my boyfriend can call me out on a dinner date on somewhere at least formal when he suddenly texts me, “Hey let’s have dinner tonight in some restaurant” after work.

This also applies the accessories and shoes you wear. Find pieces that are timeless and classy. They never go out of style. Besides, it looks elegant.



I have many stuff in my room and none of them even appeals in the aesthetics of the interior. So I took out distracting things that are not used and even colors that doesn’t compliment my room.

I started adjusting the theme of my room because I know I don’t have the money for gallons of paint to replace them so I decided to stick on to that charming green color of my room. I’m planning to buy fake plants soon too so I don’t have to water them all the time but still manages to make a mood in a room that still get in to connection with nature.



Honestly, I’m not really the type of person who changes phones because there’s a new release. So I save a lot of money for years in terms of devices like that. But when my phone or laptop does shutdown, I buy a more long lasting and good invested quality so I may still use it in the long run.

Also having a hard drive to store all the datas and junk out of your laptop is a good thing because it doesn’t slow down the system of the laptop. At least that’s what I know of, because I think that cause some hanging too. Idk. (Comment here if not so others would know what’s the real reason though. Thanks!)



YouTube Channels for Architecture Studs

We all know that staying up all night as an architecture student could keep us more sleepy and hey! We still need to finish our plates. While I was an all-nighter student doing plates. I need to stay up late. You can watch these besides your next Netflix episode too.

    30×40 Design Workshop 
    Amiel Manalo (UST Arki Vlogger)
    TEDx Talks

Tips for getting into Architecture School (Philippines)

First of all, this applies in the Philippines. I studied in University of Perpetual Help System DALTA and yes, it’s not a State university but to tell you this, we’re also active in UAPSA (United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary) so you’ll probably see some of Area-B UPHSD Chapter too.


  1. Be ready for an all-nighter environment. This is no joke because you’ll really spend times at night like its day time just to finish a project. If you’re the type of student who settles for less with their designs, you’ll be surprised with some of your classmates who really took time to make theirs so, we don’t want to give our Architect professors a for the sake na may ma-ipasa na requirement. The Arki Community may be competitive or just really good.
  2. Be ready for criticisms. This ain’t just with your classmates but also with your professors. Be professional to take it as a constructive criticism. They’re opinions will either build you up to do better or you to be more stronger. Don’t let anyone take you down. Remember that how people treat other people will show who they are.15037071_1502170769800022_4454299627723259727_n
  3. Be budget ready. For the early years of Architecture, don’t make it feel like you’re going to be bankrupt. It’s just shopping spree to start for the things that you needed in college especially that you need to bring the drafting materials on your first year and it will all be about architecture materials. If ever you don’t know JOLI’S. You should. Its at Espana near UST.15078936_1502169529800146_3646655715233761435_n
  4. Be aware of the environment. I think the misconception about drafting all the time is when Arki student don’t go around places anymore. You should be more aware of the places you go because it could help you come up with an idea where you can get your design be inspired of. Go to Nuvali, Intramuros, BGC, anywhere that you might actually find architectural ideas. As much as possible, take a photo of it.
  5. Coffee. Be cautious of this. You might encounter the phrase, Architects powered by coffee. Just when you feel like you had too much, keep it down. Coffee is not juice.
  6. If you’re in a relationship (especially if they’re in a different college or course), introduce them the indoor dating like study date. It may be hard but it’s one of the ways you can both bond through hell weeks. Find the ways to enjoy each other’s presence. Not only you are able to work together but also appreciating to work for your future together.
  7. Bring a bag that can carry what you need. Arki environment is not for fashion but if you’re able to pull that off with the things that you need and be able to utilize your bag for your use. Then that’s great!
  8. Have fun! The arki world will be better than what you expect. More travels, knowledge and beyond what you think you could do. Good luck! Pray it all and you’ll make the most of it.15129519_1502164269800672_3370398770955210485_o
Photo credits to Julie Marie Paz Bohol

College Skincare (Night Routine)

Before the school year ends, I want to share what was the last skin care routine I did to make skin healthy for college.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (Watsons – CityMall Calamba, P140)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I use this to remove my make-up after a long day. Its mild and alcohol free so it doesn’t sting on my face and even my eyes. I use this with a cotton ball and after two cotton balls to make sure my face is really clean.

Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser (Things and Tatters – Checkpoint Mall, P350)

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I use this twice. I usually repeat cleansing because I want to make sure it clears out the make-up I used to prevent clogging in my pores and to avoid breakouts. After that, I dry my face with a towel. I only pat the towel. It’s better to be gentle with the skin because we wouldn’t want any wrinkles.

Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner (Things and Tatters – Checkpoint Mall, P525)

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I’m currently using this now and I noticed that my pimples flattened after one day. I’m going to continue using this and update. Let’s see how this toner performs after one empty.

Mumuso Aloe Vera Moisturizing Soothing Gel (Mumuso – Alabang Town Center, P99)

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I like this because it brightened my face and really kept my face moisturized. It also soothed the burns I got and calms my face at night because it feels cool on my face and neck when I apply it.

Quick FX: Pimple Eraser (Watsons – CityMall Calamba, P120)

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I use this every night to prevent breakouts. Sometimes when I get a pimple, I leave a thick layer on the area and sleep it overnight. When I wake up, it flattens and dries the pimple inside.

Quick FX: Eye Cream (Watsons – CityMall Calamba, P49)

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This lessened my lines but it didn’t much lessened my panda eyes (I didn’t noticed much. Maybe because I’m not sleeping on time recently because on the preparation for my Thesis defense). I will update this soon though if my continuous use will effect on a non-stress day.

Quick FX: Sunblock (SM Department Store – SM Calamba, P99)

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This is just for me to prevent any sun damage on my face since the sun rays could cause aging. This could at least slow the aging process. But at night, I also use this because I always use my phone/laptop before going to bed.


That is all! Let me know if you like posts about skincare too. I’ll post more of them soon.

Thank you 2017! 2018, here I come!


It’s 2018 and I just want to leave behind every negative things that had happened to me last year. But no doubt that 2017 was one of the best years of my life. I was happy in spite of the ups and downs.

New Years resolution might for the PRODUCTIVITY and being more ORGANIZED. I know 2018 is going start as a challenging year but I’m still keeping my hopes up. To God be the Glory! Happy New Year!