Entry 4: “Take it easy”

Even if I started early, I feel like I need more time for gathering my data for the Thesis book. I’m at Chapter 5 now and when I was doing my thesis in school. Then I heard someone telling me that I need to chill and take it easy and I was just like:



Entry 3: Fed up

There is too much information that I’m currently absorbing. I have to lay back. I just got the log book last night, and the list of the consultation is making me praning.

In God’s guidance!

I need cork boards ’cause my notebook and laptop are disorganized. I’m having too much data and yet, I need more data at the same time because of the Chapter 4. Oh dear. Let me fly to the CamSur Capitol now.

Entry 2: No log book



Our Ar Design 9 just started and I’m already consulting up to Chapter 4. It was funny ’cause my Dean was still checking my papers to what I could do for the progress of my work. Ending up the conversation with a, “Well, you’ve been here enough and the log book still isn’t available. Probably going to give that to you on mail instead.”

I’m going to edit my work now. And she didn’t signed my letters for my research because she changed my thesis title. I hope this comes out well. In God’s guidance!


Entry 1: Data Gathering


I’ve been gathering data even before the first semester. Right now I’m starting to be extremely enthusiastic about thesis but I never knew that this would be so much hard work. I don’t know if I’ll be able to gather enough information before June ends but hopefully, in God’s guidance.


I went to Bicol just to have information about the location of my study but it seems like I have to go back there and re-study about the data that I got. It’s hard to go back and forth there. I’m just going to have to sleep on the bus on my travels. Even if I tried to keep up with this kind of this research, I hope my body could take it. I’m pretty determined but I know I’m going to be physically tired all the time.