Entry 4: “Take it easy”

Even if I started early, I feel like I need more time for gathering my data for the Thesis book. I’m at Chapter 5 now and when I was doing my thesis in school. Then I heard someone telling me that I need to chill and take it easy and I was just like:



Entry 3: Fed up

There is too much information that I’m currently absorbing. I have to lay back. I just got the log book last night, and the list of the consultation is making me praning.

In God’s guidance!

I need cork boards ’cause my notebook and laptop are disorganized. I’m having too much data and yet, I need more data at the same time because of the Chapter 4. Oh dear. Let me fly to the CamSur Capitol now.

Entry 2: No log book



Our Ar Design 9 just started and I’m already consulting up to Chapter 4. It was funny ’cause my Dean was still checking my papers to what I could do for the progress of my work. Ending up the conversation with a, “Well, you’ve been here enough and the log book still isn’t available. Probably going to give that to you on mail instead.”

I’m going to edit my work now. And she didn’t signed my letters for my research because she changed my thesis title. I hope this comes out well. In God’s guidance!


What’s up with my summer school 2017?

I haven’t been very much motivated this summer school unlike before. No, don’t get me wrong with all the things in what I am distracted for because I’m not. Maybe I’m getting tired of staying in the minor subjects I’m studying this summer. I want to go on a site or do architectural work.


But my professor in Life and Works of Rizal is keeping us loaded with so much work than my professor in Politics and Governance. Right now, I’m more in the mood to study Politics than Rizal because of the difference of these two professors. There’s a difference when the instructor motivates you than just keeping you working because you have to do something because you enrolled the subject.  I’m literally in a phase of forgetting bit by bit my architectural sense.

I’m more into passion than work. If I keep on doing the things that I don’t like, I know I’m wasting time. But since these are in the curriculum, I might just pass it anyway — even though I don’t like it. All it takes for me is to achieve the whole curriculum for the rest of the last year that I have.


I still don’t want to loose the sense of what I’m doing but the real world seems too radical in so many aspects. So help me God in this journey.

Maki + Kuma + Tezuka: Hear the Masters Speak


I was really overwhelmed the day we went to this seminar. Me and my classmates went home with a great memory to remember. Unluckily, I wasn’t wearing a corporate there. Everyone was wearing a corporate attire.


But even though my fashion was out of place, I decided to let it be and fill myself the knowledge they good give to us.


I think I could’ve shared more if I was on the actual place but I don’t have a camera, only my phone that doesn’t take pictures very well. But I still enjoyed it, I am looking forward to going again next year.




And here we are, so random because we had the opportunity to have a photo with Ar. Tezuka. The people who were accomodating them said we can only have one shot. But I really wanted to address Ar. Maki and Ar. Kuma that we love them too. Its just that we weren’t given the opportunity with them because they weren’t letting us to have other photos.


Every architecture student knows the struggle of being a fan wanting on have a photo with them inspiring architects. But I will never forget what Ar. Maki said about coming up to designing buildings, “You have to figure it out by yourself.”

Summer Classes

My summer classes only started for two days and I just feel tired all the time. 8AM to 9PM in the evening is just so stressful. I don’t even know if I regret this. I cry for the Lord to help me. I always sigh a lot. But I don’t want to feel complaining again because I decided for this myself to take these subjects. Good thing I still have good company to go through this.




No matter what you say, they’ll only believe on the things they want and choose to believe in.

So far, I’ve been thankful having friends with Karl, Capio, Mike , Almira and Liz. I really needed people who would listen and they did. Small talks matter.

But there’s this one thing that one of them said,

It doesn’t matter what other people say about you. You just do your thing and be you, because people will judge you no matter what, even if what you did was right. Explaining would be a waste if you’ve already done enough. Because no matter what you say, they’ll only believe on the things they want and choose to believe in.

Then my mom said,

You don’t need to pretend.